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Ultimate Brow

Eyebrows are the frame of your face, if you get them right you will always look your best.

There are many ways to create a fabulous brow shape following straight crisp lines and finding our high and low arch points. We can wax with both strip and hard wax, we can tint and bleach a brow and we can also thread away any hairs we don’t require as part of our shape… So what’s next?

Well here it is. The ULTIMATE BROW 3D Brow Sculpting!

Ultimate Brow is a new and exciting treatment using a textured 3D tint applied to the brow for a sculptured finish, with optional brow extensions to finish the look if needed.

Ultimate Brow lasts from 7-21 days depending on aftercare and is waterproof and smudge-proof. With no need for make up or stencils, it is a non-invasive procedure.


During the treatment we shape the brow creating a structure that is perfect for you. We then apply the textured tint with a superfine applicator, drawing single hair strokes through the brow, which can be kept crisp or brushed through to create a powdered soft finish. This allows us to create natural looking definition. Finally, we add individual brow extensions to fill in any gaps if needed and finish the look.

You will leave the salon with a perfect brow knowing you don’t need to worry as the finished brow will not wash off and there is no need for additional brow products until your next Ultimate Brow appointment.

Ultimate Brow is the perfect treatment for anyone wanting to experience fuller, thicker brows. It is also highly recommended for anyone who is considering semi-permanent eyebrows as a no-commitment way to road test a new brow design.

The best part? If you don’t like them, your technician can instantly remove them – a far better option for those seeking a major change without tattoo regrets!